(3) Cancer Centers

(1) NCI-Designated Cancer Centers: This site has websites of NCI cancer centerslisted by state,alphabetically. There is also address,phone and fax for each one.
(2) American Cancer Society-Find Treatment Centers: Search these databases and directories for hospitals,healthcare facilities and physician information.
(3) Cancer Centers and Institutes: This site has 148 world wide cancer centers websites,listed alhabetically.
(4) The Radex: This site lists cancer centers websites in the US,Japan and Europe. It also has sites on clinical trials,libraries,drug info and more.
(5) Veteran Affairs Medical Centers (VA): This site gives you websites of VA medical centers listed by state,alphabetically.
(6) WorldWide Hospitals and Cancer Centers: This site has websites of hospitals & cancer centers worldwide,arranged geographically that have specialty areas to assist you.
(7) Hospital Web-USA: This site has websites of US hospitals listed by state,alphabetically.
(8) London Regional Cancer Center: This is the website home for the london regional cancer center in the United Kingdom.
(9) US News-Best Hospitals: This site ranks 132 US hospitals by overall ranking,metro area and name,of the specialty chosen.
(10) Medmark-Oncology: A search engine with medical resources,medline and related links.
(11) NCI-Cancer Centers Program: This site is for planning grant applications for the development of cancer research centers,areas of interest to cancer centers,discussion forums and more from the National Cancer Institute.
(12) Cancer Center Registry: This site lets you search for cancer centers by zip code and specialty.
(13) Colorectal Cancer Network: A link to 11 different cancer centers or listings to different cancer centers.
(14) Oncolink: University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center.

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