(22) Season- Matchups and Cheat Sheets

(1) The Huddle-Weekly Reports: This site has morning after report,tunnel vision,inside the numbers,game predictions,start/bench list and quick hit news on different days of the week,check daily.(MON-FRI)
(2) Fantasy Insights-Weekly Cheatsheet: This site will provide the top 20 players at each position every week during the season,using the performance scoring method.
(3) FF Today-Matchups: Every Friday this site will have what they think are the best matchups to exploit and avoid. There will be a recap on Tuesday after the games of that week.(FRIDAY)
(4) Fantasy Football-Weekly Matchups: This site will give you the starting lineups,analysis,injuriess and who to start for every game.
(5) Fantasy Insights-FF This Week: This is a weekly prognosis of the NFL games by Bob Cross of Fantasy Insights.
(6) Fantasy Insights-The Master's Picks: This site will have the players who have the potential of having a good week and the ones who will not. There is also a list of potential free agents.(WEDNESDAY)
(7) Fantasy Insights-Debby Dubois Player Rankings: This site will tell you how Debby Dubois ranks the players each week.(THURSDAY)
(8) CBS-Fantasy Sports: This site has weekend wrapup on Mon.,Fantasy beat on Tues.,team reports & start or bench'em on Thur,staff picks & matchups on Fri,gameday tipsheet & evening notebook on Sun. (DAILY)
(9) USA Today-Press Box: This site will breakdown every game & predict which players will contribute & how much that week,it will also have a followup with a recap after the games are played.
(10) FF Advantage-Monday Report: This site will discuss hot & cold players and possible free agent pickups. (MONDAY)
(11) FF Advisor-Cheat Sheets: This site will have cheat sheets for each position,every week during the season.
(12) The Sporting News-Matchups: This site gives a discussion about each weeks games.(WEDNESDAY)
(13) FF Field-Who's Hot & Who's Not: This page by Thomas Quinn will explore who could have break out games and who will be stopped dead in their tracks weekly. (FRIDAY)
(14) Fantasy Site Links: This site has links to numerous weekly player predictions and more.
(15) David Grey's FF Report-Matchups: This site has a list of players to exploit,avoid and to keep an eye on,each week of the year.
(16) NFL.COM-Team vs Team Matchup: Select 2 teams from the menu and view a statistical matchup between the 2 teams.
(17) Fantasy Sports-Predictions: This site will tell you the predictions of a players stats for each week. It has stat view,analystat & predict-a-game
(18) USA Today-Game Matchups: This site has a discussion,weather,key injuries,record analysis,review of recent games,previous meetings,stat averages,trends,power ratings for every game,weekly.
(19) ESPN-NFL Weekly Lineup: This site has articles every day of the week during the season. They include Mort report,notebook,tuesday morning QB,focal point,inside the playbook and more.
(20) Edge-NFL Matchup: This site is from the TV show and it discusses each week's games.(WEDNESDAY)
(21) Fantasy Advantage-Who Do I Play: This site has a descriptive analysis on who to start/bench each week,starting in September.
(22) Who Do I Start-GamePage: This site has weather,injuries and a team matchup chart for every NFL game during the season.
(23) Pro Football Insider-Weekly Matchups: This site starting in week #1 will give matchups to watch for,injuries that will affect the game and their game predictions.(WEDNESDAY)
(24) RotoNews-Latest NFL Player Forcasts: This site has daily updates about certain NFL players,It gives recomendations and predicts how they will do. (DAILY)
(25) Tuff Sports-Players Of The Week: This site ranks who they think will be the best QB,RB,WR,TE & K that week. (WEDNESDAY)
(26) Tuff Sports-Sleeper Picks: They will rank the best possible sleepers for each week at QB,RB & WR with a brief description of why. (WEDNESDAY)
(27) The Guerilla Top 20: This site will list the top 20 QB,RB,WR,K & Def/ST each week. (WEDNESDAY)
(28) FF Advantage-Cheatsheet: Tis site is a cheatsheet that ranks QB,RB,WR,TE,PK & Defenses. It is updated weekly. (FRIDAY)
(29) FF Informer-Cheatsheet: This site will rank players by overall,QB,RB,WR,TE,K & Defense with a brief description of why,each week. (WEDNESDAY)
(30) CBS-Head To Head Breakdown: This site lets you choose two QB,RB,WR,TE,K,P,KR,PR or Defenders. It give a profile & stats of each player.
(31) KFFL-Impact Reports & Articles: This site has impact reports on friday and daily articles. (FRIDAY)
(32) FF Field-News: This site has daily news on FF players. (DAILY)
(33) David Grey-FF Team Rankings: This page has how each NFL team ranks offensively and defensively as a whole,the rush and pass.
(34) USA Today-Matchups: Highlight the game you want & it will give you record analysis,previous meeting,statistical & scoring averages,trends,Las Vegas line and more on that game.
(35) ESPN-Fantasy Games: Scroll down on the right side & there is eye on gameday,fantasy shrink,stock watch and Ask Mr Fantasy.
(36) FF Informer: This site has stud & dud and recaps of the previous week. There is also pickup artist,spotlight,cheatsheets,pigskin prophet,recommendations and injury reports for the upcoming week.
(37) Fox Sports-Start & Bench Lists: This site has start & bench lists for QB,RB,WR & TE.
(38) Fox Sports-Player Rankings: This site ranks the top 15 QB,RB,WR,TE,K & Defense for performance and basic scoring leagues.
(39) Shades Of Gray-Season Features: This site has injury reports(early & late), game analysis, depth charts,matchups, late breaking news and more. (DAILY)
(40) ToughGuy-Game Day: This site talks about the best matchups to exploit and avoid.
(41) CTDNET-Player Rankings: You sign up for free and enter your scoring system. It will give you each player stats and points for QB,RB,WR,TE,K and Def. You can look at each week or the season for each position.
(42) Red Eye Sports-Weekly Drill: This site has numerous site that you SHOULD check out each day of the regular season.
(43) FF War Room-Steal em Or Deal em: This site will give players that are over rated and under rated each week,during the NFL season.

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