(20) Injury Reports

(1) Fantasy Insights-Injury Updates: This sit will provide you with the latest injury information from the weekends games on monday morning.
(2) FF Today-Official Injury Report: This site has the official NFL injury report every Wednesday night.
(3) FF Advisor: This site gives you links to USA Today,NFL.COM and ESPN injury reports.
(4) CBS-Injuries: This site has up to date injury report with type of injury and expected return..
(5) Nando-Injury Report: This site has injury reports for each team with player's injury,status & how long they will be out.
(6) FF Today-Rumblings: This site has the latest injury info including who is playing and who is sitting,it is updated Thursday,Friday,Saturday and Sunday,during the regular season.
(7) Football Insider-Player Status: This site will list the injuries for each NFL team by game and give their status.
(8) ESPN-Injuries: This site by ESPN gives injury report with status and a discussion on the effect of the player &/or team.

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