(19) Chat and Information Boards

(1) KFFL-Discussion Board: You can ask quesions,respond to questions or just read the posts about NFL teams,general NFL,FF,mock drafts and more.
(2) Football Guys-NFL Forums: This site is a message board for fantasy advice,NFL talk,mock drafts and more.
(3) FF Today-Information Board: This site has opinions on fantasy football that you can respond to or ask a question about mock drafts,FF team management,NFL or fantasy news & discussion and more.
(4) Look Smart: This site is a list of numerous sports information boards,the best one is rec.sport.football.fantasy.
(5) Fan Stop-Message Boards: This site has message boards for all 32 NFL teams.
(6) FF War Room-Discussions: This is a message board about player projections,fantasy football,leagues,other sports and more.
(7) Fantasy Sharks- Forums: This site lets you read other's posts or post a question or response of your own.
(8) FF Field Forum: This site has interesting posts to a message board.
(9) FF Mastermind-Information Board: This site is a message board from fantasy football mastermind.
(10) US Fantasy Sports-Chat Room Links: This site has links to 10 other chat rooms and it's own fantasy football chat room.
(11) Fantasy Football Cafe- Forums: This page has a fantasy football forum and mock draft discussion area.
(12) Fantasy Fanatic- Forums:
(13) The NFL Forum: This site has message boards for every NFL team and NFL Football Talk,NFL Draf 2001,NFL Game Boards and XFL.

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