(17) Rookies

(1) Redeye Sports-NFL Rookie Prospects: This site ranks the top 50 offensive and defensive rookies by position with a discussion on each one.
(2) 4 for 4-FF Rookie Reviews: This site ranks the top rookie players with a paragraph discussion on each.
(3) Doc Stats-Rookies Fantasy Impact Report: This site has a paragraph discussion on each of the 17 rookies that may make a fantasy impact.
(4) Tuff Sports-Rookie Articles: This site has links to articles and ranking of rookie players by position on the right side of the page.
(5) ESPN-NFL Draft: This is ESPN's coverage and articles about the NFL draft.
(6) CBS-Draft Coverage: This site has CBS coverage and articles on the NFL draft.
(7) FF ToughGuy-FF Rookie Draft: Ths site reviews this year's rookie fantasy prospects and has a 3 round mock draft of FF rookie players with comments on each pick.
(8) FF Today-Rookie Watch: This page Will keep a running total of the top 5 QB, 7 RB, 8 WR, rookie stats. NOTE= Once the NFL season starts!
(9) Fantasy Advantage-Rookies: This site has an article about a few things to consider when selecting rookies. It also rates the top 8 QB, 17 RB, 15 WR, 3 TE, 2 K, with comments and outlooks for each player.
(10) Dr Football-Rookie Ratings: This site ranks the top 8 QB, 9 RB, 10 WR and 4 TE, rookies with an analysis of each player.
(11) The Mole-Rookies Impact: This site ranks the top 10 overall rookies and discusses how each player will do in the 2002 season.
(12) KFFL-Draft Information: This site has team draft reviews,draft reports & results and more.
(13) Fantasy MVP-Know Your Rookies: This site ranks 3QB,7RB,7WR & 6TE rookies with discussion about each one.
(14) FF War Room-Rookie Cheatsheets: This site ranks rookies by QB,RB,WR,TE,K,DE,DT,LB,S & CB.
(15) FF Today-Rookie Reality: This is an article about can rookies really deliver and talks about the top 7QB,10RB,9WR & 6TE rookies.

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