(16) Sleepers &/or Busts

(1) Pro Football Weekly-Sleepers and Busts: This site from pro football weekly talks about possible sleepers and busts,it includes discussion on each player.
(2) Komments-Finding The Sleepers: This is an article by Greg Kellogg,that talks about the strategy for drafting sleepers.
(3) FF Toolbox-Sleepers: This site lists 6QB,5RB,6WR sleepers with a short discussion on each.
(4) Tuff Sports-Super Sleeper: This is an article that looks at possible 20RB 2002 sleepers with analysis.
(5) Komments-Nip & Tuck: This is an article that has short discussion on 10QB,10RB,12WR & 5TE to nip and 8QB,8RB,10WR & 7TE to tuck.
(6) David Grey-Potential Sleepers: This page lists 30 potential sleepers with comments on each one.
(7) David Grey-Players To Avoid: This site has 31 players to avoid with comments about each one. It is in 3 categories= injury prone,potential holdouts and potential RB by committees.
(8) Fantasy Guru-Early Look At Sleepers: This is an article that looks at possible 2002 sleepers with analysis.
(9) Pigskin Addiction-Sleepers: This is an article that looks at 7QB,9RB,15WR & 4TE 2002 sleepers with a paragraph discussion.

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