(15) Leagues

(1) LookSmart Sports-Football Fantasy Leagues: This site has links to numerous links on fantasy football leagues.
(2) Exit 42: This site is a good source for free fantasy football leagues,simple drafts and is user friendly.
(3) Sandbox-Fantasy Football: You can build your own franchise from the ground up,then own,manage & coach your way to victory for free.
(4) FF Web Masters: This site has 14 of fantasy football's most competitive personalities going head to head.
(5) FF Endzone-Fantasy Sports: This site lets you start a fantasy team in many sports including football. It is free to all players all you have to do is register and you can win prizes.
(6) Hey Sports Fans-League: Pay Site with prizes available.
(7) My Fantasy League: Main Page
(8) My Fantasy League: 2003 BFL

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