(14) Mock Drafts

(1) KFFL-Draft Compilations: This site ranks QB,RB,WR,TE,WR/TE combined,PK,Def,Top 100,200 & 300 average,high & low from numerous mock drafts.
(2) Fantasy Insights-Mock Drafts: This site has a mock 4 times during the summer,which you can use as a guide for your FF draft.
(3) Brew City-Mock Draft: This site holds mock drafts every Thursday night @ 7:30pm CST,just send an e-mail that you want in,it fills up fast.
(4) AntSports-DraftSharks Mock Draft Signups: This site has numerous mock drafts for 8,10,12,14 & 16 team leagues using different starting lineups and scoring. You can sign up and get involved!
(5) Fan Ex- Analysis Draft: This site is an analysis draft of 16 rounds with 192 players and 250+player reviews.
(6) Tackls.com-Mock Draft: This site has you sign up to see mock drafts in forums.
(7) Football Wise Guys-Mock Draft: This site has a mock draft for 8,10,12,14 & 16 team leagues.
(8) Fantasy X Football-FF Leagues: This site has links to FF league websites.
(9) Wild Card Sports-Mock Draft: This is a 16 round,12 team, mock draft with commentary and polls with results.
(10) FF Mastermind-Mock Drafts: This site has links to mock drafts on the internet like ESPN,FF Today,Dalem and TSN.
(11) All Sorts Sports-Average Mock Draft Rankings: This site ranks 263 players from over 72 mock drafts by overall,position,average,highest and lowest rank.
(12) FF Toolbox-Mock Drafts: This site has links to numerous mock drafts like ESPN,FF Today,My fantasy league,antsports,fan ex,fantasy insights,fantasy ref and more.
(13) Football Guys-Commentary Draft: This site is a 18 round standard performance scoring mock draft with commentary of positive,negative and why every player was picked.
(14) DFL-Keeper Mock Draft: This is a 20 round keeper mock draft by round,position and roster.
(15) Gridiron Grumblings-Shootout 2002: This is a 14 team experts mock draft of offensive & defensive players and bio page about experts.
(16) Fantasy Asylum- Mock Drafts: This site lets you sign up and participate in 8,10,12,14 or 16 team leagues on the internet.
(17) Redeye Sports-Mock Draft: This site has a 12 team mock draft with comments on each player,draft strategies and draft analysis.
(18) Football Joint-Simulated Mock Draft: This site is a simulated mock draft with 12 teams,you against 11 computer teams.

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