(13) Fantasy Football Draft Tools & Trades

(1) FF Draft Guide-Free Stuff: This site has articles,draft day checklist,draft day worksheet and example rules.
(2) FF Toolbox-Tools: This site has In season,pre-season,league and Misc. tools.
(3) Football Guys-Head To Head Schedules: This site makes schedules for different league sizes and number of weeks played.
(4) Football Guys- Schedule Grid: This is a one page grid of every teams schedule for 2005 NFL season.
(5) KFFL-Draft Pick Trade Analyzer: This site analyzes draft pick trades between two teams and comments on it.
(6) FF Times- Draft Sheets: On left side of page click on draft sheets, links to team roster tracker,draft board,opponent roster tracker,commissioner sheet-rounds.
(7) FF Today-Fantasy Draft Tools: This site has a free round by round,roster sheet,position guide and bye weeks worksheets.
(8) ToughGuy-Draft Day: This site has mock drafts,projections,sleepers,stats,cheatsheets,articles and more to help on draft day.
(9) DraftGuide-Draft Day Worksheet: This page will make a draft day worksheet for your team. You add the number of players at each position that you want.
(10) FF War Room-Commish Page: This site includes articles,draft kit,schedule maker,links and more to make a comissioners life easier.
(11) CBS-Commissioner: This site has fantasy commissioner tools including FF scout,FF commissioner,office pool manager,head to head football and more.
(12) Helmet Depot: This site has numerous FF helmets that are already made for you OR you can make your own.
(13) Football Guys-QB Rating Calculator: This site lets you enter the QB stats and gives you the QB rating.
(14) Football Guys-Pick Value Calculator: This site analyzes a two team trade and tells you if it is good,bad and why.
(15) FFL-Schedules: This site has 81 schedule combos that you can choose from for your league.

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