(1) Excite-NFL Stats: This site lets you see weekly and yearly leaders in offence,defence and scoring,during the season.
(2) About.com-Pro Football Statistical Links: This site has 13 links to websites about pro football statistics.
(3) Yahoo!-NFL Stats: This page has 100yd rushers and recievers,300yd passesrs,NFC & AFC leaders,regular season & playoff sortable stats and more.
(4) Yahoo-NFL Players Stat Profiles: This site lets you search for a player and gives you his NFL career stats by year,team notes and transactions.
(5) NFL.COM-Stats: This site has stats for team and individual highs.
(6) Sporting News-NFL Statistics and Leaders: This site has team stats and individual category leaders by conference and NFL.
(7) ESPN-Statistics: This site has team stat comparisons,individual leaders for numerous offensive and defensive categories and more.
(8) CBS Sportsline-Stats: This site has team,individual and sortable stats. There is also stats for this week,this season,single game bests and all time leaders.
(9) CNN/SI-Stats: This site has sortable stats for passing,rushing,recieving,tackles,sacks,interceptions,fumbles,field goals,special teams,sacks allowed and more.
(10) FF Today- Stats: This site has weekly,season,targets,team points scored and allowed,game logs and more.
(11) USA Today- Stats: This site has team stats with links to in depth stats for home,away,grass & turf and more.
(12) All Sorts Sports- Stats: This site has 3 year statisical history for QB,RB,WR,TE,DL,LB,DB. Has links to projected stats,fantasy stats,rankings and more.
(13) KFFL- Stats: This page gives you players stats for carrer by year,search by name or position..
(14) FOX-NFL Stats: This site has NFC & AFC leaders in passing yards,accuracy,TD,INT. and rushing yards,average,TD, and recieving yards,receptions,TD and Total TD and MORE.
(15) Football.com-Database: This site lets you find career stats of any NFL player who has ever played and other sports.
(16) 4 for 4- Stats: This site player stats,game logs,team contribution,fantasy slant and more.
(17) FFLM-Stats Software: This site gives you stats with automatic update option,download and/or sent to you.
(18) Footballguys-Stats: This site has 100yd rushers and recievers,300yd passers,sortable fantasy stats,performances against,home & away,VBD downloads and more.
(19) Red Eye Sports-Stats: This site has previous years stats by position,who is hot ,weekly drill stats report and more.
(20) Who Do I Start-The Stat Rack: This site has stats for every position from 1998,historical and projected stats and more.
(21) NFL Freaks- Stats: This site has player stats,fantasy jumps & drops,1st & 2nd half season stats,weekly and more.
(22) Sports Network - NFL Stats:
(23) Inside The Stats:
(24) Yahoo - NFL Player Cumulative Stats:
(25) Pro Football Weekly - NFL Stats:
(26) Pro Football Weekly - FF Statistics:

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