(2) Find A Doctor

(1) AMA Doc Finder: This site is from the American Medical Association,You can search for doctors and see their credentials. (6/2/99)
(2) AIM DocFinder: This site is from the association of state medical boards,it has docfinder for 16 states and is in the process of adding more. (6/2/99)
(3) World Oncology Network: This site provides a world wide directory of oncologist/hematologists.
(4) Finding Your Best Doctor: An article from miningco that will tell you how to find the best doctor.
(5) Doctor Resources: This resource central site has 12 websites to help you find a doctor. (3/4/99)
(6) Doctor's Addresses: This site has numerous addresses and e-mail of oncologists in the US. (7/7/98)
(7) Find An Oncologist: This site is from the american society of cancer oncologists (ASCO),it allows you to search their public database to find a member oncologist. (1999)
(8) Best Doctors (Pay Site): This is mostly a pay site with a book store,health topics,find a doctor and more. (6/2/99)
(9) Oncology Channel: A description of different types of oncologists with a list of 5 resources at the bottom of the page.
(10) Dr Koop-Finding A Good Doctor: A brief article on how to find a good doctor with 3 links at the bottom of the page to check out their credentials.
(11) American Gastroenterological Associsation:

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