(15) Chemotherapy

Understanding Chemotherapy: This site is a booklet that briefly answers 12 questions about what is chemotherapy,how it works and more.
Chemotherapy and You: This site has a guide to self-help during treatment with chemotherapy.This booklet is from NCI and will answer several questions about chemotherapy. (6/16/94)
Oncolink-Chemotherapy Menu: This site offers articles,news,booklets,leaflets and external links on chemotherapy by oncolink. (5/18/99)
Cancer Sites-Chemotherapy: This site offers links to CancerWeb,CancerHelp UK,oncolink and the wellness community,to the information these sites have on chemotherapy. (5/20/99)
Understanding Chemo: A very basic slide show written by Dr. D. Vergidis about what is chemotherapy,how it works,drugs and what it can achieve. (8/24/98)
CancerHelp UK: This site will lead you to 7 CancerBACUP booklets on chemotherapy,including reading tests,help&support,treatments and other online services. (5/18/99)
Go Network-Chemotherapy: This site from the Go Network will lead you to 13 websites that deal with chemotherapy and it's related topics. (1999)
Chemotherapy Directory: This site is a chemotherapy directory,guide and index of links related to health. (1999)
Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology: This site is from University of New Castle, it has several links about information,personal accounts,specific drugs and more. (5/19/99)
Cancer Chemotherapy: This site is indexed for basic principles of chemotherapy,description of classes of anticancer drugs. There is also a review section.
Chemotherapy Drug Search Page: This site allows you to look up 43 chemotherapy drugs and find a factsheet from CancerBACUP on each. (5/11/99)
Cancer Advocate-Chemotherapy Links: This site is an index of over 20 websites about chemotherapy,each one has a basic desdription of the link. (1999)
Rx List: This site is a search engine that you can look up a drug and it will give you information and links to that drug. (1999)
List Of Chemotherapy Drugs: This site is from Tirgan, it has a list of 31 chemotherapy drugs with brief descriptions and side effects. (11/19/98)
Genentech-Pipeline: This site tells you the drugs genentech has in each phase of clinical trial with a brief description. It includes anti-VEGF,Herceptin,among others. (4/21/99)
FDA-Drug Approvals For Cancer: This site has drugs for cancer treatment and supportive care approved by the FDA from June 1996 to Present. (1999)
Dose Calc Calculator: This s a software program from Medicine OnLine,to assist US oncology healthcare professionals in calculating individual patient doses for oncology regimens(includes over 120 regimens). (10/9/98)
Compassionate Use Referral: This site gives you the policies,guidelines and procedures for compassionate use of investigational agents by NIH. (10/28/98)
What Is Antisense Technology?: This site gives a brief description and how antisense works,from Isis Pharmaceuticals. (1/31/99)
Some Cancer News: This is a great site from Arnold Sitton. It has news on oxaliplatin,CPT-11,other drugs,gene studies and therapy,nutrition,drugs in development and much more. (1999)
Roche Laboratories-Xeloda: This site is from Roche Laboratories. It gives you information on what a patient should know about xeloda,clinical aspects and a resource center. (1998)
Camptosar (CPT-11): This booklet is from Pharmacia and Upjohn Company. It tells you how to avoid and resolve problems during your treatment. (4/2/99)

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