(14) Medicine

Medicine OnLine: Ths site is a medical information service,concentrating on cancer. It has many sections including meeting reports,medline search,news,libraries and more. (1999)
Medscape-Oncology: This is a very informative site with articles,conference summaries,journal scan,oncology resources and more. (Current)
PharmInfoNet-Drug Information Database: This site has a database for drug information by generic or trade name,press releases and frequently asked questions. (2/27/99)
MiningCo-Drug Details: This site from MiningCo has many descriptions of links to search sites for specific drugs. (1999)
Drug Information Links: This site has an index of 12 websites that have drug information,including top 200 prescriptions,drugs & illness information and more. (3/3/99)
Drug InfoNet-Package Inserts: This site has a list of pharmaceutical manufacturers with information on their drugs they supply in package inserts. (2/5/99)
Drug InfoNet-Information: This site provides both information and links concerning healthcare and pharmaceutical related topics. (3/15/99)
InfoMed Drug Guide: This site provides information on 100 drugs in alphabetical order. (1999)
Planet RX: This site allows you to fill prescriptions(BE CAREFUL),shop for products and get answers & advice for health and well being. (Current)
RX Med: This site is a comprehensive,peer-reviewed resource for primary care physicians,drugs & illness information and much more. (Current)
RX List: This site is a search engine that yo can bring up a drug,it will give you information and links to that drug. (1999)
University Of Maryland-Drug Information Service: This site is where people can recieve individualized responses to drug-related questions for free. (Current)
Drug Base: This site is a guide to medication,you can search for a medically related condition,drug or supplier. (1/21/99)
NCI CancerNet Database: This site has PDQ statement lists,NCI fact sheets,medline.cancerlit,journal of NCI and more. (1/2/99)
Mediconsult: This site is a virtual medical center where you can find a medical topic and information on it. (Current)
Mediconsult-Clinical Pharmacology: This site make it easy for people to print out handouts for patient counseling,it also includes a search engine. (2/11/97)
CenterWatch-Newly Approved Drug Therapies: This site lists all the newly approved drug therapies in 20 different diseases,including oncology. (1999)
New Medicines In Development Database: This site has a database which allows you to search for information about medicines in development by disease,indication or drug name. (5/7/99)
PCS-Performance Drug List: This site is a guide to drugs and values within select therapeutic categories. (1999)
MSB-Oncology Drug Reviews: This site has numerous articles on analgesic and anesthetic drug reviews. (5/17/99)
Emedicine: This site has free online medical textbooks. (2/12/99)

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