(13) Search Engines

Helpful Guide To Search Engines: This site explains how search engines work,which search engines are the best and ranks the search engines. (4/29/99)
Dogpile: This site allows you to search many search engines at the same time. It includes yahoo,miningco,alta vista,lycos,infoseek,webcrawler,excite and many more. (Current)
Ask Jeeves: This site allows you to ask a question and it will give you websites with the answer in them. (Current)
Google: This is a very good search engine.
MiningCo Web Search: This site allows you to search numerous net links,articles and more. (Current)
Oncolink Search: This site allows you to search the entire Oncolink site for information,FAQ,news,citations,treatments and much more. (Current)
Medical Search Engines: This site allows you to search many medical sources like AMA,CancerLit,Doctors Guide,the Lancet,medline,NLM,Journals and more. (Current)
Medical Matrix: This is a free site,but you must register. It lets you search 2,642 entries divided into specialties,diseases,clinical practice,literature,education and more. (Current)
NCI-CancerLit Search: You can serach CancerLit which contains over 1.4 million citations and abstracts about cancer. (Current)
CancerLit Topic Searches: You can view monthly abstracts on many topic searches for gastrointestinal cancers. (1999)
HealthFinder: This site from the Department of Health allows you to search hot topics,news,smart choices and more. (Current)
HealthGate: This site allows you to search research tools,medical education,news & reviews and more. (Current)
Searching Health Star: This site has citations to published literature from 1975-present. (12/7/98)
Health A To Z: This site has a directory of more than 50,000 internet resources. (Current)
Oncology Smart Search: This site allows you to search medline literature & topics and medscape literature & topics. (1/13/99)
MedNets-Cancer Databases: This site allows you to search the latest online journals,research and healt news. (Current)
Windweaver's Search Links: This site has links to numerous top search engines,directories,libraries and metasearch pages. (Current)
Free Medline Search: This site allows you to use medline basic search from 1996-present. Scroll to the bottom of the page. (Current)
Pub Med Search : This is NLM's search service to access the 9 million citations in Medline and other related databases. (Current)
W3 Search Engines: Seach engines for information servers,people,publications,news,FAQ and more. (1999)
Ask Scott: This site helps you find the best reference work for your site,like a reference librarian in a library would. (Current)
Search Drugs: You can search medline,medscape,aidsline,toxline,keywords,drug interactions and a medical dictionary. (Current)
Copernic 99: It has free and pay sections. It finds what you are lookng for on the web and brings up results ranked by relevance with summaries. (Current)

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