(1) What Is Colon Cancer?

(1) NCI-Colon Cancer: This site from the National Cancer Institute (NCI),gives a description,stage explanation and treatment option overview of colon cancer.
(2) ACS-Colon and Rectum Cancer: In this section from The American Cancer Society you will find an introduction to cancer,an overview of colon and rectum cancer and related colon & rectum cancer statistics.
(3) OncoLink-Colon Cancer: This is the primary starting point on OncoLink for information about colon cancer. You will find links to description and treatment,including surgery,chemotherapy and clnical trials.
(4) NCI-Fact Sheets: This site from The National Cancer Institute gives cancer fact sheets on information,risk factors,possible causes,prevention,dectection/diagnosis,cancer site & types,therapy and rehabilitation.
(5) Dr. Koop-Colon Cancer Center: Former surgeon general provides images and information about colon cancer. It has links to pages about cancer trials.
(6) NCI-What You Need To Know About Cancer: This National Cancer Institute booklet will give you information about cancer. It includes warning signs,detection,how cancer is diagnosed & teated,how to deal with cancer,possible causes and more.
(7) Hereditary Colon Cancer Newsletter: Find out about genetic reearch on non-polyposis colorectal cancer,as well as related psychological,social,personal and economic issues from MD Anderson Cancer Center.
(8) CanSearch: This site is a guide to cancer resources on the internet,covering basic research,clinical trials and information on various cancers.
(9) Dad's Colon Cancer Pages: This website is a central repository of internet links to information on cancer and the many subjects related to it. It has much to offer the cancer survivor,care giver and family members.
(10) Reptile Page-Colon Connections: This site has plenty of colon cancer facts,resource leads,and news on treatments,screening and risks.
(11) Colon Polyps and Colon Cancer: This site explains polyps,colonoscopy,screening,colon cancer and more.
(12) Colon Cancer Alliance: A very good site for help and support that was started by cancer survivors and their loved ones.
(13) Oncology Channel-Colorectal Cancer: An overview of colorectal cancer with links to risk factors,symptoms,diagnosis,staging,treatment and more.
(14) Cancerlink: A site with numerous good links dealing with colon cancer.
(15) National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance: A site dedicated to the eradication of colon cancer by education,fundraising,research and early medical screening.
(16) Score Against Cancer: A site by baseball star Eric Davis dealing with colorectal cancer.
(17) Medmark-Oncology: Numerous links to colon cancer,agencies,other cancers and more.
(18) Colorectal Cancer Network-Sitemap: The sitemap to the site with very good information.

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