(10) Financial Help

(1) Financial Caregiving-A Survival Guide: This is an article from FDIC consumer news and it gives advice on how to prevent & deal with potential money problems,even from a distance. (9/22/97)
(2) Cancer Links-Financial Issues: A site that has links to financial,disability and insurance issues and viatical settlements and work.
(3) Cancer Care-Financial Assistance: This site has tips,links,assistance programs,avoncares program and more.
(4) A Shoppers Guide To Cancer Insurance: This article gives an explanation of various coverages,prepared by the National Association Of Insurance Commissioners.
(5) Cancer Links-Chemotherapy & Drugs For Cancer Treatment: Near the bootom of this site are links to drug financial assistance programs.
(6) Information On COBRA: This is the home page for COBRA insurance.
(7) Oncology.com-Financial Issues: This site has 5 pages on help often needed,9 pages on getting help and a page on getting help with health insurance.
(8) Cancer Bacup-Coping With Advanced Cancer: This site has financial support and other help for people with cancer.
(9) American Cancer Society-Support Programs and Services: This site has 9 categories including taking charge of money matters and I can cope.
(10) Suncoast Help.org-Cancer Financial Help: This is the results of a quick search on the site for cancer financial help.
(11) Cancer Charities-Home Page: This is the home page for cancer charities.
(12) Catholic Charities: This is the homepage of a social agency serving 12 counties around Minneapolis and St.Paul.
(13) The United Way: A national system helping people in their own communities.
(14) Air Life Line: A charitable organization of over 1,000 private pilots who fly ambulatory patients who can't afford the cost of travel to & from medical facilities for diagnosis & treatment.
(15) Corporate Angel Network: They provide free air transport for cancer patients going to & from treatment centers in the US.
(16) Cancer Air Flights: A list of organizations websites that assist cancer patients to & from treatments.
(17) National Patient Air Transport Helpline: This website provides free information & referals for air transport.

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