(1) Aircraft Carrier Historical Data:
(2) Encarta Encyclopedia-Aircraft Carriers:
(3) Carriers:
(4) US Navy-The Aircraft Carriers:
(5) Aircraft Carrier Study Group:
(6) Battleships,Carriers and All Other Warships:
(7) Carrier-City Of Steel:
(8) Powerhouses Of The US Navy:
(9) Air-Navy Website:
(10) US Navy Aircraft Carriers:
(11) Aircraft Carrier Photo Archives:
(12) HazeGray & Underway World Aircraft Carrier Lists:
(13) Aircraft Carrier Memorial Association (ACMA):
(14) Historical Naval Ships Visitors Guide:
(15) USS Cabot:
(16) USS Hornet Museum:
(17) USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier Museum:
(18) Aircraft Carriers Of The British Navy:
(19) Russian Aircraft Carrier Development:
(20) The Graf Zeppelin:

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